The wine is made with grapes grown in our “La Laguna” vineyard, with vines that are over 80 years old and an enviable location with good sun exposure, a gentle slope and the right type of chalky-clay soil.
It is made with the following grape varieties: 80% Tempranillo and 20% others. This is due to the prevailing custom at the time the vineyard was planted of mixing many different grape varieties in the same vineyard, with a predominance of Tempranillo over the rest.
The wine is made by bringing together modern systems, such as destemming and temperature controls, and periodic pumpovers and délestages, with a long maceration after fermentation. The process includes the most aseptic conditions, to produce a wine that is healthy, honest and pleasing even to the most demanding palates.

Imagen de la botella de Zurbal Reserva 2004
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